Worried about Facebook's new changes? Here's how to stay relevant

Mark Zuckerberg's announcement about Facebook is worrying many online businesses & almost every single one of our clients at Valhalla Agency asked us for our opinion on what they should do. We thought it would be good for us to put something together for everyone!

First things first, it's important to say that this isn't the first time this has happened. Facebook has changed its algorithm  almost every year, & every time they do, social media strategists worry about it becoming the end of their industry- & it never does. Good digital marketers figure out how to adapt & grow, but we'll get to that later.

What is Facebook changing? Essentially, they're reducing the amount of content coming out of Business pages, while increasing the content coming from Personal pages. This change is meant to bring Facebook back to its original roots: Social media. And honestly, you can’t really blame them for doing it.

We’ve known for years that Facebook’s user base is declining (especially in NA and Europe). Many believe it’s because the platform has become a “news & business” outlet. Facebook had to make this decision to assure long-term survivability. To top it off, more businesses will shift to a model where they pay Sponsored Ads to reach their customers. So it’s a win-win for Facebook.

Many businesses rely too heavily on a single sales funnel, & this puts the business at risk. There are many different methods to reach your audience. Newsletters, Instagram, Adwords, Pinterest & Youtube, just to name a few. All of these platforms will change, some of them will die, & new ones will emerge. The less dependent you are on one platform, the less risk you put your business in.

Having said that, these new changes will show us which pages actually have supporters and which don't. Until now, a Facebook user's behaviour was to scroll down on their news feed & digest whatever media would show up, but there were always pages that users would actively search on Facebook and scroll through. Humans of New York, Ted-ed & Great Big Story are good examples of this. They create content that is more interesting, more beautiful, more emotionally touching & therefore more engaging.

Everyone will lose viewership when the changes take place, but these pages already have an edge over their competitors & thus, will have a bigger portion of the market share. It will be up to other pages to improve the quality of their content to stay on top. Content creators that create high-quality content have always thrived through changes on all platforms.

Videos are still the best medium for content sharing, they share compelling stories & add attractive visuals to engage with the viewership. Caption Videos have dominated Facebook & Instagram media pages for 2-3 years now. With these changes taking place content creators need to adapt by improving the quality of the content to attract more viewers to their pages & give viewers a REASON to search those pages to enjoy the content created. Platforms that "create your video in less than 5 mins" simply won't cut it anymore. And frankly, it will make for a more enjoyable Facebook platform for everyone.

Finally, since Facebook is giving the content back to your supporters, it's time to find ways to have your supporters become the tools that promote your content. We will start seeing Digital Marketers come up with interesting strategies to share their content via thousands of people's personal feeds.

The Facebook changes haven't taken place yet and this is the time for Digital Strategists to act FAST. They need to improve the quality of their content & re-route their viewers to other platforms. Invite your followers to subscribe to your newsletter & youtube page, & follow your Instagram Page. Those who aren't using Adwords or Facebook Ads: it's time you add these tools to your arsenal to create more funnels for your sales.

In short, here are the solutions:

  1. Create more engaging, high-quality content- less garbage.
  2. Diversify your funnels by using multiple platforms.
  3. Use your current following on Facebook to direct users to these new funnels NOW.
  4. Figure out creative ideas to have supporters share your content from their personal pages.

Thanks for reading! Be Good, and Have Fun!

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